Interpretation of sleep: sulfur

When the sleeper sees sulfur, it signals family events, problems, and finding ways to solve them. Also in the dream book about sulfur is spoken of as a foreshadowing of successful financial transactions and profits.

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What dreams of sulfur in the ears, dream book
What dreams of sulfur in the ears, dream book

Female dream book

If you saw sulfur in a dream, you should be wary, because an unclean thing is planned against you. The more sulfur dreamed, the bigger the trouble will be.

  • burning sulfur - to loss of property;

  • there is a litter - get well.

How did you clean the sulfur in your ears?

  • finger - look for a patron among relatives, they can help you;

  • a wooden object is a person who has conceived a bad, close relative against you;

  • a metal object - a very cruel person wishes you evil.

Old Russian dream book

Such a dream has the following interpretation - the convict will be innocently acquitted.

Spring dream book

If you dreamed of sulfur, take a closer look at others, someone close started evil against you. Sulfur in the ears - the trouble will be associated with the house and family.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

If you see sulfur out of your ears in a dream - do not expect good news. Such a dream foreshadows problems in the family and household. Burning sulfur - loss, loss of property. Sulfur in the ears of another person - you can help him, this person needs your help.

Dream Dream Thelomena

This dream book gives the most detailed interpretation of sleep sulfur. According to the source - it is a symbol of dirty thoughts, bad thoughts, offenses. Anyone who sees sulfur in the ears, can become a victim of ill-wishers, or he can conceive the bad in relation to other people. Also, sulfur can be a precursor to profits in the house, perhaps you will get a new thing or get a bonus.

  • to get sulfur from the ears - in addition, from whose ear the sulfur goes, difficulties, unpleasant events, discord and quarrels await;

  • to clean the ears of sulfur - if you remove the sulfur from your ears, but it still remains - in the origin of the troubles and problems you are to blame for yourself;

  • clean sulfur hurts - you can not solve the problem painlessly;

  • a lot of sulfur in the ears - you are waiting for big trouble.

Who have you seen sulfur in your ears?

  • at home - you will experience troubles related to your family, your loved one;

  • a stranger has this person in trouble, but you cannot help him;

  • in a child - to the diseases of loved ones.

In some dream books, sulfur from the ears may portend profit, but the acquisition of high material values ​​will be associated with dirty deeds and troubles. Such wealth will not bring good luck and prosperity to the house.

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