Is it possible to improve consciousness

What is consciousness? It is usually defined as the ability to assess the characteristics of the world around and to understand its place in it, the ability to make decisions based on the information received. There is still no single established interpretation of consciousness, therefore there are several formulations. However, in general, they are similar and say the same thing.

Features of human consciousness

One of the most important features of human consciousness is the use of speech in thinking. The habit of thinking with words has taken root so deeply that many people no longer remember that they used to think in a completely different way in their childhood - in images. Imaginative thinking is much more accurate and fast, since in this case the whole situation is analyzed in its entirety, as a single, indivisible unit.
For most people, the ability to think in images is preserved, but is used only as an addition to thinking with words. Nonetheless, it is precisely a return to figurative thinking that is one of the key areas for improving consciousness.If you try to think in images, consciously ignoring words, you will see that this type of thinking is very convenient. To assess the situation, you need a split second. A moment - and you already know what and how you need to do. You deliberately exclude the translation of the understanding of the situation into words, which saves a lot of time.

Stop the internal dialogue

Even without using words in the process of thinking, you still continue to think in images. Is it possible to stop the process of thinking? Yes, but there is a logical question about why this is needed. Does it not happen that a person, having stopped thinking, will become a stupid limited being?
In fact, stopping the internal dialogue is another step towards development. Turning off the usual way of thinking, a person gets access to amazing opportunities. Instead of thinking and finding the desired result by sorting through the options, it is possible to immediately receive absolutely accurate information. Due to the stopping of thinking, a person acquires a connection with the universal information bank, in which there are answers to any questions.
A similar ability possessed by the famous Nikola Tesla.If ordinary engineers had to find the right solutions through trial and error, then Tesla immediately saw the right option. He constructed his attitudes in the mind, using the knowledge that came to him, and could see how they would work. Therefore, immediately began to develop a working model, bypassing the stage of long experiments.
Illumination, genius, talent - all these concepts are directly related to connecting to the higher realms of being, to the energy-information field. No wonder many teachings speak of the need to expand consciousness, to acquire new opportunities. But for this, it must reach a new level, abandoning traditional thinking.
Stop the internal dialogue is very difficult. Not only ordinary thoughts should disappear, but also images, years of strenuous work take to achieve a result. The basis of the work are various meditative practices. At the moment of stopping thinking, an amazing silence reigns in the mind - the ability to think does not disappear, but not to think is simply more pleasant. In addition, as mentioned above, stopping the internal dialogue provides access to the most amazing opportunities - in particular, to obtain direct knowledge.It is this path that, most likely, should be considered the most optimal way to improve consciousness.

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