Is the horizon far from us

We need to determine the radius of the Earth for the point at which we are located, because for each point it is its own. Using the necessary tables, we will determine the radius of the Earth in the Moscow region. It is equal to 6,371,302 meters.
Further we will establish at what height above sea level our eyes are located. In the case when we are at this very sea on the coast and gaze into the distance, we can consider the “height” of the eyes approximately equal to the height of our height: take the average statistical value of 1.71 meters.
Our direction of view is directed tangentially to the earth’s surface, respectively, the horizon is at the point where the line of sight touches the earth’s surface. And this happens at a single point according to the laws of geometry. Moreover, from the same geometry we know that the tangent is perpendicular to the radius drawn to the point of tangency.
Thus, all the necessary parameters are known to us, it remains to substitute them into the Pythagorean theorem and get an answer:
L = sqrt ((R + h) ^ 2-R ^ 2).

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