A few weeks ago we moved to a new rented apartment in Kiev. Our bedroom is on the sunny side, so you need to buy blinds as quickly as possible. Advise which is best to buy?
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Alexandra Anisimova
������������Alexandra Anisimova
������������Answered on April 8, 14:10
I think that the best option is the usual white horizontal blinds. We hang these in the kitchen and living room, I am quite pleased with them.
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Andrei Karlov
������������Andrei Karlov
������������Answered on April 8, 14:15
And it seems to me that white blinds are not the most practical. In our office, they are always in the dust. It is best to take color, which would fit the interior of your room.
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Anna Dubrova
������������Anna Dubrova
������������Answered on April 8, 14:24
Our kitchen is also on the sunny side, in the summer it is simply impossible to stay there for a long time during the day. Therefore, I am now looking for suitable blinds. Most of all I tend to buy fabric verticals, I think that they are practical and look very modern.

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