The Japanese diet was created by experts of the clinic "Yaelo". The inhabitants of the Japanese islands rarely suffer from overweight, which is associated with the tradition of eating low-calorie foods. Of the existing Japanese diets, the Japanese diet for 14 days is the most tolerant, but nonetheless very strict. Therefore, it is better to prepare for it. It is advisable to refuse in advance from sweets, chips and burgers, to reduce the volume of servings. To achieve the cherished goal, you need to show a lot of stamina, because you have to follow the strictly prescribed daily menu of the Japanese diet for 14 days. Replacing some products with others is impossible. It is not allowed to alternate products painted on specific days. You must act strictly according to plan! It is best to start the day with a glass of water, which contributes to a good metabolism. For breakfast, it is recommended to brew natural ground black coffee. It is natural coffee that contains antioxidants that favorably affect the body as a whole. As an option - coffee can be replaced with a cup of green tea, and sugar - with a spoon of honey.The basis of the salt-free Japanese diet is protein foods - beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products. As carbohydrates, crackers and some vegetables were introduced into the diet, and as fat, olive oil and fats contained in the meat itself. Vegetables and fruits abound in fiber, so you can use them in unlimited quantities. But with salt you have to say goodbye to all two weeks or reduce its use to a minimum. Instead of salt, you can use lemon juice and greens. Meat and fish can be boiled or cooked in a double boiler. It is also possible to fry with a minimum amount of fat. The authors of the Japanese diet are not traditional in the proposed number of meals per day. In total there should be three instead of the traditional five recommended by nutritionists. The last meal should always be two hours before bedtime, and even better before bedtime. It is desirable to drink at least 1.5 liters: non-carbonated mineral water or just drinking water. Following the Japanese salt-free diet for more than two weeks is dangerous to health, as it is not completely balanced and is characterized by a low content of essential trace elements and many vitamins.Such low-calorie diets can not completely provide the body with nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary during the diet to take a vitamin-mineral complex. Best of all complex for losing weight or aimed at improving the condition of hair, nails and skin. Women who practiced the Japanese diet, leave feedback about it as an effective. For 14 days you can lose 5-7 kg, and the result can be saved up to three years. In order to preserve the results of the Japanese diet, it is better to return to the normal mode gradually, slowly increasing calorie, salt and sugar. The effect will be even more noticeable if you limit the sweet and flour, and increase physical activity. Nutritionists say that with the help of the Japanese diet you can not only build up, but also improve metabolism. Due to this, the effect will last several years.

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