Jim Carrey accused of involvement in the death of his mistress

Yesterday, a widower who died of an overdose of medicines Ekatriona White accused the Hollywood actor that he was involved in her death, because for a long time he had met with the woman behind his back.

Yesterday, widower Mark Burton sued actor Jim Carrey, accusing him of the death of his wife, whom he met behind his back.

According to the man, a Hollywood star inspired a dead woman to take medicines that are addictive and contribute to death.

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“Jim Carrey used his wealth and celebrity status to illegally receive and distribute highly addictive drugs, in this case, lethal psychotropic drugs that are being controlled,” said the widower.

He also noted that his wife had long suffered from depression and suicidal feelings, and her lover Jim Carrey was well aware of this, but instead of persuading her to turn to specialists. gave her illegal drugs.

The actor, in turn, said that the accusations against him are a clean lie and a way to cash in on his name.

“I will not let heartlessly speculate on me and the woman I loved. Kat started having problems long before we met, and it was only they that led to the tragic end. I very much hope that in the near future people will give up trying to profit from what happened, ”Jim Carrey told People.

28-year-old make-up artist Catriona White, we recall, died from an overdose of drugs in September 2015 some time after breaking up with Jim Carrey. In a suicide note the young woman confessed to the actor in love.

“I cannot believe that you are not around. I could try to live on and try to glue the broken heart. Could, but I have no strength and desire ... "- said the message Katriona.

Kerry and Whites met for a period of several months from 2012 to 2015.

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