The month of December has already arrived, and nothing is left until the New Year, and there are still so many things ahead of us. New Year bustle is always pleasant, albeit troublesome. It is necessary to be in time so much. First of all, come up with a New Year's menu, buy all the necessary products, decorate your house beautifully and elegantly, and the most important thing is to decorate a Christmas tree under which all wishes and presents will go. Everyone knows quite well that 2017 will be the year of the Rooster. With the arrival of the New Year, there is always a change in the life of every person, no matter whether good or bad, it is always a change of life position, so you need to tune yourself only to the positive, wait for the next year only the best, and, of course, first of all, tune on it myself. It is accepted and there is such a sign that there must be at least one toy on the New Year's beauty, which will be the symbol of the next year, respectively, it must be a rooster. In order not to go shopping for a long time and not to look for such a toy, although now it is not a problem, it will be better and more interesting,If you make a Christmas tree decoration with a cock. Firstly, it is very interesting, and you can also make not one, but several toys, and present them to your friends. Right now we are together with you and consider such a master class, with the help of which we will learn how to make Christmas decorations bells with a cockerel using decoupage technique. For the manufacture we take:
  • Three large foam plastic bells;
  • Decoupage napkins with a rooster and other New Year elements, we take napkins with small drawings so that they are easy to apply and looked beautiful on the bells;
  • PVA glue;
  • Glossy varnish (we take acrylic construction varnish, which is not toxic and without a caustic smell);
  • Kitchen sponge;
  • Floral wire;
  • Needle nippers;
  • Fan brush for applying varnish;
  • Cord of twine;
  • Wooden sticks;
  • Organza ribbons red and green colors;
  • Scissors;
  • A bowl to pour glue and varnish;
  • If there are dry spangles, the berries in sugar can be decorated with our bells at the end.
Bell with a Cockerel
First of all, we need to make loops on top of the bells, to hang them when drying, and at the end to fasten the ribbons. With pliers we bite off three pieces of wire of 6-7 cm.
 Bells with a cockerel
 Bells with a cockerel
Bend and we put in the bells from above such loops, now we thread the twine in them, in order to suspend the drying of the toys.  Bells with a Cockerel
 Bells with a Cockerel
Pour into the PVA tank. Cut off a piece of sponge and cover with a sponge all three bells with glue. We make just such a stand and hang the bells to dry.
 Bells with a Cockerel
 Bells with a cockerel
We are waiting for full drying .
Bells with a Cockerel
 Bells with a Cockerel
Now take the napkins, remove the uppermost layer from all and tear it carefully individual fragments. The smaller the drawings, the better, more beautiful and easier to work with them.  Bells with a cockerel Bells with a Cockerel
Now we take the bells, and the drawing behind the picture we fix our pictures with the help of glue mix. And our adhesive mixture consists of equal proportions of PVA glue and water, everything is thoroughly mixed. We hang the bells to dry again.
 Bells with a Cockerel
 Bells with a Cockerel
Now we cover our bells with at least five layers of varnish . Each separately dried. Now we are going through the ribbons and everything is ready. Such bright New Year's toys turned out.Thank you for attention! Good luck to everyone!
 Bells with a Cockerel

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