Kaleidoscope It is very easy to make such a kaleidoscope and junior schoolchildren can do it perfectly. Kaleidoscopes can be made of various materials, for example, from reels from towels, plastic bottles, plastic forms and from cardboard. You can also choose what to do with a reflecting prism inside a kaleidoscope: it can be a mirror, a computer disk, foil. So, in this master class on creating a kaleidoscope, you will need the following materials: 1) sheet of cardboard 2) foil (can be taken from the package from milk) 3) scissors 4) adhesive tape or tape 5) matte and transparent plastic 6) glue 7) beads, glass, stones etc. So, let's go on to create a kaleidoscope. 1) Cut the foil into three identical strips, approximately 2 cm wide.
2) Then we glue the strips with scotch tape in just such a prism. The foil must be on the inside of the prism.  triangle with foil
3) We take a sheet of cardboard and twist it so that it fits inside prism.We glue the pipe with adhesive tape or glue.
 we insert mirrors
4) Cut two circles from plastic along the diameter of our cardboard tube.
5) A transparent circle is placed on a prism. And by the way, the prism should be shorter than the tube by about 1 cm.
 glue the glass
6) Put the beads, pebbles, glass beads on the transparent circle and whatever you see fit.
 insert mirrors
 fill in
7) Paste the matte circle on top. If there is no frosted circle, then you can take a transparent disk and glue it with parchment paper or rub it with emery paper (null) to obtain haze. 8) So now we make the lens (where to look) for a kaleidoscope. To do this, we draw and cut a circle around the cardboard along the pipe diameter, plus another centimeter.
 make a hole
mode and bend
9) Making cuts for the added one centimeter. 10) And glue with reverse side of the pipe.
 Kaleidoscope for your hands
11) That's all, outside the kaleidoscope can be decorated with colored paper, an interesting print or foil.

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