Keyword Monitoring - to always be ahead of the competition

It's no secret that any business is always competition and a struggle for customers. After all, the profitability of the business depends on their number. Online business is about the same measure as any other.

Website promotion with keywords is one of the most effective ways to win customers and increase revenues. With the help of an accurate set of commercial key phrases, the site falls into the first positions, respectively, the likelihood that a visitor chooses him will increase several times.

If the resource is in the top results for search queries, the information will be seen by a lot of people - potential customers, who, with skillful work with them, become real buyers of goods or customers of services. Keyword Monitoring service will help you achieve optimal results.By ordering this service, you can get detailed information about the requests for which the competitors of the specified domain are promoted.

For the list of competitors, data is provided on key phrases and words, their rankings in search engines, as well as contextual advertising. Thus, you can study the progress and success, as well as time to notice omissions and correct them.

By comparing your site and the resources of your main competitors, you can instantly find keywords that will attract new visitors. New requests will help change the promotion strategy or make adjustments to it, to make work more efficient, for example, with the help of non-obvious requests used by competitors. To refine your queries, search engines Yandex and Google are available, as well as the contextual advertising network Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. To quickly navigate and take the necessary actions in the fight for customers and traffic, it is enough to choose in the search and contextual advertising services to monitor the 5 main rivals of the domain.

Using the keyword monitoring service from, the site owner gets the opportunity to expand or correct the created SEO query core and contextual advertising.Based on the study of current requests used by rivals, it is easy to choose key phrases for your resource, and also to understand which of them is the most profitable for competitors. And the analysis of the dynamics of indicators will make it possible to detect the most requested queries and use them to improve the position of your web resource. The data is updated every month, so the information is always “fresh.”

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