Kirkorov admitted that he was not going to marry Pugacheva

Visiting Lera Kudryavtseva in the studio of the Secret for a Million program, Philip Kirkorov revealed the secret of his marriage with Alla Pugacheva and admitted that he blamed himself for the breakup of their marriage.

Philip Kirkorov, 27, and Alla Pugacheva, 45, were married on March 15, 1994. The registry office workers at that time did not know the singer Philip Bedrosovich Kirkorov very well and called him Philip Borisovich. But he was so in love and happy that he didn’t even pay attention to the wrongly spoken patronymic, and when he was asked if he would agree to marry Alla Pugacheva, he answered “Yes!”.

“We were not going to marry officially,” the King of Stage admitted. - It was the initiative of the deceased now Anatoly Ivanovich Sobchak. He and the director of the hall really wanted to marry us. “I forgot my passport,” I tried to talk. “We will bring,” they told me. Brought. And painted. We didn't even think about it.

In May of this same year, the couple married in Jerusalem. The prima donna then confessed that she would like to become a mother again. “I am doing my best to make this miracle happen. But if nothing happens, I will give birth to songs, ”Alla Borisovna said then.

“I wouldn’t have dreamed of becoming a father,” Philip Kirkorov said frankly. “It seemed to me that the child would unite us even more, preserve our marriage.” But then we were so drunk with life, with each other, and this period especially - I am 30, she is forty and a little - that they did not think about children. We had wonderful trips, crazy days, unique creative projects that would not have been born if this were not our crazy mix of the Bulgarian southern guy and red beast. We had enough fun during these 10 years, and we have something to remember.


- How many happy days of marriage did Alla Pugacheva have with you? - Lera Kudryavtseva asked her guest.

- It is impossible to count. It seems to me that I am still married to her. Happy days of marriage were ... I think the first year and all. Why? What do women love first? Attention! And what does an artist like? Also attention! And when the husband is an artist, he also loves attention to himself ... Then I spent too much time on my career. I asked for forgiveness for inattention, and Alla forgave.And then at one moment she - a beautiful, talented and intelligent woman - said “Everything! Stop! ”The cup of her patience overflowed, and I just left. This woman, having lost time, you will never return. We were married for 11 years, so Alla was happy with me for four thousand days. When we realized that we could no longer be together, we wanted to somehow correctly and gently get out of this situation, we didn’t want to create a stir, we didn’t want to cause a storm of emotions to the public with our divorce, so we divorced at home. This happened on March 27, 2005. I had a wise wife, so everything was decent with us, we managed to maintain relationships, which I cherish.

After the divorce, Philip Kirkorov met in the singer Anastasia Stotskaya.

- Everyone thinks that Max (a famous presenter, actor Maxim Galkin) stole Alla from me, - the Pops King Leray Kudryavtseva told me, “but this is not so. Max appeared when Allah and I realized that it was all over between us. Alla had Max, and I got Nastya (singer Anastasia Stotskaya). Only Alla, Max became a husband, and Nastya left me with a fantastic creative project, in which I put all of myself in order not to lose my mind.By the way, thanks to Maxim, Alla and I may have kept our friendly relations, and on family holidays Alla, Maxim and their children are always my most important guests.

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