Kirzy boots: history and modernity

Liner boots have become so popular for their quality operational advantages. They do not get wet, reliable and convenient. Despite the fact that these shoes are considered an echo of the past, they still continue to use it.
Kirza is a leather substitute. This is a multi-layered cotton fabric that is treated with a film-forming substance. It has been made at the Kirov factory for many, many years. To make the material look natural leather, manufacturers embossed it.

From the history

Few people know how they began to produce canvas boots. It all started with a search for a method of manufacturing material for soldiers' shoes. The ideal option was leather, but it was too expensive (as indeed now). She had to come up with an inexpensive replacement. Moreover, the material required quality and durable, able to withstand harsh military conditions.
The first to start the canvas design processbecame Michael Pomortsev - the famous Russian inventor. Footwear was produced during the Great Patriotic War. Then the boots were called "kirzachi." Unfortunately, the experiments were unsuccessful, as Pomortsev experimented with rubber, which does not differ in strength characteristics. Boots made from such material could not withstand the load.
After that, engineer Ivan Plotnikov continued his search for the ideal material for creating reliable boots. In the shortest possible time the footwear was released, which is still very popular. So, the lower part was made of yufti, the top is made of kersey. This made it possible to make the production process much cheaper.


Almost all the products created at the factory, is intended for the army, despite the fact that many support the shoes with laces. Kirzy boots can boast not only high performance, they also protect the feet of a person from various negative external influences, including cold and heat.
The sole is made of rubber, and the heel, the toe and the toe are made of the same materials as before.As you can see, over the years, little has changed. Due to the fact that the backdrop is rigid, and the toe cap is granitic, the foot in such shoes is very stable. You can buy them in specialized stores and virtual points. Price ranges from 700 to 1300 rubles.

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