Knitted pads for the car

Throw pillows are popular with needlewomen and consumers. Unlike embroidered and stitched models, knitted pillows require more time to make them, but the result is pleasing with its originality and exclusivity. For making knitted pillows you will need: - wool yarns for linen and patterns;- hook and knitting needles; - drawing scheme, scissors; - fabric and filler or ready-made small pads.
need for pillows

First, determine the size of the pillow, p We select the circuit and calculate the number of loops. We knit on the needles canvas 1x1 elastic band, which creates a volume of fabric and visually easier to see adjacent rows. In this case we knit 40 rows with knitting needles No. 5 with white and red threads.
 determine the size
Then we connect the two sides of the pillow into a crochet and create a pattern.To begin with, we will prepare threads for a 6-7cm long pattern, so that the thread is twice as long and not less than 3cm.
 connect two sides
 create the layout

orange thread
 thread 67 cm long
Otherwise, when washing, threads come out of the product. In our case, Lesovichka needs threads of orange, beige, off-white, black, green and white and red threads for the background. Now create a pattern from the middle pillows, securing the thread as a fringe: 1) fold the thread in half; 2) drag the loop into the desired loop of the pillow;

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