Ksenia Sobchak does not hide the tummy

Rumors that, are getting more and more evidence. Well, she is not the first celebrity, ceased to be childfree. In her instagram Xenia laid out a picture with a relaxed-walking mood, revealing herself to the world in loose multilayered clothes and comfortable shoes on a flat course - everything, as the future mothers like. Photo for several hours of staying on the Web has already gained more than 21 thousand likes, received support in the form of a hashtag # puzikouzheneskryt and hundreds of enthusiastic comments that the teledivos to face upcoming motherhood. There are those who even try to guess the sex of an unborn child by the shape of the abdomen (more often they bet on a boy).

We quote:

@ 123naira123: Well, maybe she used to have no great love for children. But still changing !!! The feeling of motherhood comes to everyone at different times. She has it now (beloved husband, you can give birth).

@victoria_lav: Xenia is beautiful. With or without a stomach, you can safely be called an icon of style and the embodiment of femininity and self-confidence.So nice to see a successful young future mother. We can only sincerely wish easy delivery and a calm pregnancy.

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