Ladybug Ribbons

Today we look at a detailed master class on making a ladybug from satin ribbons. This ladybug can be glued to either a children's wrap or a hairpin. This unusual accessory will perfectly complement any outfit of your little princess, and at the same time will look very unusual and quite original. Handmade jewelry in the modern world is considered quite valuable and unique. What do we take for this creation: • Red satin ribbon 5 cm wide, two meters;
• Black satin ribbon 5 cm wide, about 0.5 meters; • Lighter; • Sharp scissors; • Ruler; • Pencil; • Tweezers; • • Glue gun; • Thick cardboard for the base, short cut.
 Ladybug in the Kanzashi technique
 we take for this creation
So, we start. We take a red satin ribbon and measure out from it equal squares measuring 5 by 5 cm.We should have 38-40 of them. Cut, now take a lighter and process the edges on each square so that the ribbon does not break.
satin ribbon
 squares from satin ribbons
Get ready-made red blanks for petals.
squares of satin ribbon
 squares from satin ribbon
Now take the black satin ribbon and cut squares from it also 5 by 5 cm, approximately 12-13 pieces.
 satin ribbon
squares of satin ribbons
We also take a lighter and process the edges. We get black blanks for petals.
 squares from satin ribbon
 satin ribbon squares

Take one red square,folding it diagonally.
 square of satin ribbon
 minimize the square
Then fold the diagonal a second time. And also the third time.
 minimize square
 minimize square
Now take the tweezers, insert the petal into it, clamp. Use sharp scissors to cut diagonally at a petal, as in the photo below.
 minimize square
 we cut off
With a lighter we process neatly sections of the petal. Unwrap carefully and straighten, we get this red petal.
Just like the red, we also make a black petal. Fold diagonally once.
 square of satin ribbon
 minimize the square Then the second and third,also insert into the tweezers and cut off the edges. In the black petals, the slices can be made a little more, respectively, and the petals will be slightly smaller than the red ones.
 minimize square
minimize the square
Roast the cuts lighter, straighten the petal.
So do all the petals of the red and black squares. From the red mother-of-pearl cardboard cut an oval. We cut one side at the top, it will be the head of a ladybug.
 ladybug petals
Making the head of the ladybug. I made several layers of cotton discs, and then wrapped and sheathed black tape. You can also use a button or a finished half bead. Glue the head with a glue gun. Now we take the petals and couple them together in pairs, one can even glue together and three petals together.Now evenly spread the petals and glue the gun to the cardboard base.
 glue all petals
In each row we add one petal gradually. In the process, it becomes clear how many petals need to be added. In the center, lay out black petals. So completely glue all the petals and form a ladybug. It remains only to glue or a clip-clamp, or a hoop and a ladybug ready. If desired, you can add a little green petals in the form of a substrate, if allowed under the color of the attire. Thank you all and good luck!
 Ladybug from tapes

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