Lava lamp

The lava lamp attracts the eye and makes both adults and children look intently at the little miracle in the bottle. You can make a small lava lamp at home, and most ordinary products will be used. The basic ingredients of such a magic lamp are simple and easily replaceable. You can use any substitute you can find at home. Unfortunately, this lamp is not a real lava lamp, but in fact only a simple physical experience. But the beauty of the process and the child’s interest in creating a small miracle aren’t lost in their own hands.
 Lava lamp with your hands
1. We need: • Bottle or any other suitable container. • Sunflower oil. You can use any oil that is at home, even oil for massage. • Water. • Dye. Usual watercolor paints will do. • Effervescent aspirin. Any pop tablet is perfect. • Watering can. • Wand.
2. Pour into a bottle of water.Approximately 1/3.
 Pour into a bottle of water
3. We color the water with a dye. I have food colors, but take everything that comes to mind if only water turns to the desired color. Stir well with a wand.
We paint water
4. Add oil to the lava lamp, but not to the end. You need to leave some space for pop bubbles.
 Adding oil to the lava lamp
5. We decided to experiment a bit and see what happens if the stick slightly mixes the water with the oil.
 a little experiment
6. Far from directly preparing the bubbles themselves. We break a tablet of pops into small pieces.
 Pop Tablet
7. We throw the pieces of the pop into the bottle.
 Throwing pieces
8. And we observe how bubbles start to rise from the bottom.  bubbles begin to rise
9.If you close the bottle with a cork, the colored liquid begins to crawl up the walls of the vessel.
 watch the fascinating process
10. Imagine colored water crawling all the way to the top of the bottle. We have a few minutes to watch this fascinating process.

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