LED Monitor Stand

LED monitor stand- master class, we make a stand for the monitor from bottles. The end result is very interesting and looks spectacular.

Materials and tools:

  1. square or rectangular bottles;
  2. cork stand;
  3. glue gun;
  4. LEDs (LED strip), resistors, power supply (USB), wires.

Step 1

Take the bottles, wash them and clean them from the stickers. Then glue the bottles together with a hot-melt glue gun, you should not be sorry for the glue. Cut out rectangles from the cork stand and glue two rectangles to each bottle.

Step 2

Now let's do the backlight. Cut off 4 equal pieces of LED strip and connect to the power supply.Or we solder together several LEDs and a resistor and connect to a power source, for example, USB. The backlight can be placed in a bottle or wound around the neck. So that we don’t hang the wires, we assemble and connect them with jackets or heat shrink tubing.

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