Legal aspects of choosing a company that installs plastic windows.

When choosing a company that installs and manufactures PVC windows, it is necessary to take into account the legal side of the issue. If by visitingthe company's website, satisfied with all the conditions and agreeing to cooperate, the consumer is ready to sign a contract, he still needs to take the time and pay attention to some important nuances.

First of all, to the coordinates of the company. A company that installs PVC windows must necessarily have its own office and a landline telephone. This is the only way to be sure that in order to avoid customer complaints, it will not change the address. A claim to an unscrupulous organization will always appear, especially because of the violation of its production technology and installation of windows. So a very important step when choosing a company is to visit its office and view the samples that it must present.

Then stop on the legal aspect, namely the conclusion of the contract, according to which the company manufactures translucent structures. Do not rely on verbal promises. Only thanks to a legally binding contract on the future performance of work can one protect oneself from an unjustified price increase for services, unqualified fulfillment, and delay in the expiration dates. Needless to say that the agreement shouldbe read in full? The document must be an indication of the time of manufacturing and installation of PVC windows, the price in accordance with the attached estimate, the full details of the executing company (with obligatory indication of OGRN, TIN, addresses, etc.). Thanks to these data, a legal basis arises in case of violation of the clauses of the contract to require the contractor to satisfy the claims, or to completely replace the window if it is of unsatisfactory quality. However, all aspects of the problem, including the responsibility of the parties, are necessarily reflected in the contract.

In addition, it's time to think about such a document as a certificate of compliance. The PVC window is inherently a rather complicated structure, so that when choosing it, many requirements are taken into account, which are reflected in the regulatory documentation.In general, the reference to certificates can be considered as an example of a responsible approach to choice. After all, PVC window blocks are mandatory certified, so their manufacturer must have the appropriate document. If you choose, you must take into account the validity period of the certificate and the name of the company to which it belongs. This firm is the right candidate for a contract. The material of PVC windows and the thickness of the glass must comply with the information reflected in the certificate. In addition to the certificate for the window unit, the company must have certificates for double-glazed windows and PVC profiles. Some manufacturers put on their windows a special marking, so you need to make sure it is available.

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