Leopard print returns, how to wear it?

Leopards with leopard print

Cool sportswear is motivating for new records - there is no need for British scientists to confirm this. Well, or at least encourages not to miss classes in the gym on Sunday, at least in order to walk new "predatory" leggings.

Leggings laain

Leains Laain (4 635 rub.)

Leopard underwear

That's what it's easy to give a good advertisement, so it's underwear with leopard print. No vulgarity, only sexual provocation designed for all moves ahead and no publicity - only the elect will see the “bestial” set on you.

Bra Love Stories

Bra Love Stories (3 595 rub.)

Shoes with leopard print

Another variation on the theme of loafers - shoes with “tongue” and metal chains in front, which was popularized by the Gucci brand. This time with a leopard print and from a fleecy skin that is very appropriate in meaning to this print.

Whistles Loafers

Whistles Loafers (£ 125)

Leopard swimsuit

The swimming season is also the hunting season on sunny days and luxurious beaches, which can be reached at an affordable price. Take in a battle for a place under a palm tree worthy partner - swimsuit with a leopard print.

Ganni swimsuit

Ganni Swimsuit (€ 109)

Brooch with leopard print

Who said meow? Such a wild animal made of silver and crystals, each of us will warm at the very heart, because from a luxurious large brooch this accessory is easily transformed into a necklace on a chain at the behest of its mistress.

Brooch SL, silver, zircons

Brooch SL, silver, zircons (order)

Leopard Silk Top

The Equipment brand makes things exclusively of silk, and works with drawings neatly, avoiding the carnival effect. Evaluate how the leopard print is refined in this item: the white background made it nicer and more elegant.

Top Equipment

Top Equipment (£ 92)

Leopard satin shawl

Backfill question: when was the last time you made your hair with a headscarf? As soon as the weather forecast allows you to cancel, finally, the caps, you will have a chance to practice, and at the same time, with a successful result, you can also choose an identical shade of red lipstick to your hair accessory.

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