Lie Detector.

The speed of the instrument (Figure 2) is controlled by the variable R1. To terminal clamps, except for the galvanomer, you can connect the pilot. It is also possible to supplement an assistive amplifier with an anti-aircraft or an alternate mechanism, or connect an entire device to an input to the radio system. Rists are only used to protect the transducers from overloading and when the shutter is open at the input of the system or in the options for switching on the power.
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Lie detector. 2
This multifunctional device (Fig. 1) is based on an amplifier of infra-low frequencies with a passband of 0.1 ... 2 Hz and a gain factor by voltage 400 ... 1200. Depending on the type of sensor and output device, the device can be used for many purposes when registering ultra-low-frequency processes.Of particular interest is the use of it as a so-called "lie detector".
As you know, mental activity is closely related to various physiological processes. When a person is agitated, the amplitude and frequency of the heartbeat and respiration, blood pressure, salivation, and so on, change. The resistance of the skin changes most noticeably - after 1 ... 2 seconds after the exciting question, memory, pain, light, sound impact, the resistance of the skin changes by several percent. The device reliably detects this change in resistance even when using the simplest sensors (two contact plates mounted on the fingers of one hand). The peculiarity of the device is a weak reaction to the interference caused by the movement of the fingers.
>fixing on the tips of any two fingers of one hand sensors and turning on the device, you need to wait 5 ... 10 seconds until the transition process is over and both LEDs go out. The subject should sit comfortably with his arm still and relaxed. For success is very importantso that the hand with the sensors is warm.  
Anotheroptionisthatvariouswordsareslowlypronounced,thenamesofacquaintances,andthelike,andthesubjectrespondssilentlytosomewordsarestronger,whichisalsofixed.Thisway,youcanfindouttheaddictionsanddislikesofthesubject.&Nbsp;Itshouldberememberedthatdetectionaccuracyisnot100%,newbiesubjectsareveryworried,andexperiencedonescanattherightmomentwitheffortwillcauseexcitementanddistorttheresult.Thereliabilityofliedetectionishigherifthesubjectdoesnotseetheindicator.The instrument is assembled on single-sided printed circuit board (Fig. 3). As the body, you can use a small soap dish. Food - from the "Crown" or "Corundum". Capacitors C1, C5, C6 - any ceramic, the rest - such as K50-6. Resistor R - type SPZ-1B or, with some change of the board, any small-sized. Transistor VT1 - any pnp (KTZ15, KTZ12, MP37), and VT2 - any pnp (KT361, KT209, MP42). LEDs HL1, HL2 - type AL307, AL102, etc. Assembled from serviceable parts, the device does not require any adjustment.

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