Lindax: indications for use, contraindications

In the fight against overweight sometimes ready for a lot. Exhausting diets with a reduced amount of calories, the complete elimination of white bread and buns, fasting. Often a change in diet is accompanied by heavy loads in the gym or workouts in groups. Of course, with this mode, most women begin to lose weight, but there are exceptions.
Excess weight can persevere even in the presence of physical activity and reduce calorie dishes. In this case, you should immediately run to the endocrinologist. This specialist will conduct a full examination and prescribe drugs.

Indications for use

Most often, endocrinologists choose a drug called Lindax, which has been tested for years. The high quality of Lindax has already been appreciated by many patients. Capsules are prescribed for obesity, when the patient's body mass index is greater than or equal to 30.When the index is equal to or greater than 27, but there are concomitant diseases, such as diabetes of the second type and an increased amount of cholesterol in the blood, then Lindax should also be prescribed.
Sibutramine, which is the active substance of the capsule, suppresses hunger and accelerates satiety. This effect occurs when blocking receptors that are responsible for the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. When taking Lindax, the patient can control his appetite and not overeat, as he did before. The portions are significantly reduced, the night trips to the refrigerator stop completely.


But any drug has contraindications, "Lindax" in this case is no exception. Sibutramine is primarily contraindicated in people who have problems with pressure. If there is ischemic heart disease, a heart rhythm disorder, previous strokes or heart attacks, then the capsules are not prescribed. You can not combine sibutramine with antidepressants. If the causes of obesity are organic, then Lindax is not assigned.
Lindax helped many people who had a critical weight and did not hope to get rid of it.Of course, the drug should be taken only after examination and consultation with a doctor.

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