Liquid foam - an alternative to cold

A person is improving his home every day, and thermal insulation is one of the most important qualities of any home. Vast experience and new technologies allowed a person to create an innovative material - Penoizol. This porous material has many advantages. The use of polyurethane foam opens up opportunities for serious reductions in the work on the thermal insulation of buildings and structures. Now let's proceed directly to the disclosure of the secrets of this amazing material - liquid foam plastic, and how and where to use it.

Properties, advantages and disadvantages

Due to its composition, liquid foam has a number of useful properties, namely : low thermal conductivity, elasticity, fire resistance, complete absence of toxicity, sound absorption, price, durability.

All its advantages flow from its properties. Due to its elasticity, the material allows the handler to handle it less carefully than with foam in its usual form.In general, do not compare the foam with liquid foam, because unlike it, the polystyrene burns perfectly, which makes it not safe. Lack of toxicity is an important property of the material with which you have to live for many years.

A sharp smell when drying out and a low mechanical strength, the only drawbacks that I managed to detect. The smell disappears one day after application, and fragility is compensated by flexibility.

Wall, roof and floor insulation

Let's start with the walls. Thermal insulation of the walls of the house with polyurethane foam provides for three types of application: between the walls, between the wall and a thin decorative partition, between the wall and the outer covering of the walls of the house.

Warming of floors and walls by spraying technology should be carried out only outside.

The application always comes from the bottom up. Due to its state of aggregation, the material will fill all cracks and microcracks in your home. The embedding itself usually takes place by drilling a hole in the outer wall (26 mm) and directly pumping material with a pump. Full curing of the material will occur within a week.

Warming of the ceiling occurs when the attic is sealed and, preferably by experts, so as not to create a hollow formation. "Liquid" panels are applied by spraying between the beams of the attic. Due to its properties, the foam does not roll down or fall down. The monolithic insulation prevents the appearance of draft and cold wind. In addition, the material is waterproof, which gives confidence in the safety of the attic room with a strong shower.

Filling the floor can be a little easier, with a hose under pressure, foam is applied to the horizontal surface of the floor, but you should also approach it responsibly, namely, to use the services of a specialist.

Having considered this material in more detail, it is probably difficult to believe that there is a heater that combines so many advantages and absolute accessibility.

And remember, when choosing a contractor, you need to focus not only on advertising, but also on ready-made and existing objects, as well as on their durability and quality.

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