Liquid wallpaper in a modern interior

How do you want to return home to find yourself in a cozy and warm room away from the noisy streets. Thanks to the liquid wallpaper to achieve such perfection is quite simple. This wallpaper has significant advantages over other types of wallpaper. They perfectly absorb sound, hide irregularities of walls and ceilings, have high thermal insulation. Warm to the touch liquid wallpaper will help turn even the darkest corner into the royal chambers. The time it takes to infuse the mixture of liquid wallpaper takes more than 8 hours and during this time you can manage to prepare the walls indoors. Step number 1 . Preparation of liquid wallpaper. The contents of the package poured into a plastic container and filled with warm water (40-50 degrees). The mixture is thoroughly mixed and left to insist at the time specified in the instructions (about 8 hours). Each portion of the wallpaper is prepared separately.
 Preparing Liquid Wallpaper
 mix thoroughly
 is left for insistence for a time
 Delhi in parts
Step number 2 . Surface preparation. From the walls and ceiling is removed the old rytie. The surfaces are well cleaned, large irregularities are puttied, metal objects are removed or painted over with alkyd paint. The cleaned surfaces are ground with a mixture based on quartz sand. Such a primer creates a rough surface and an excellent coupling of liquid wallpaper with surfaces. The quartz primer is applied with a roller. Hard to reach places are painted with a brush.
 Surface Preparation
 large irregularities are putty
surfaces are ground by a mixture
Step # 3.Applying liquid wallpaper. Before you start applying liquid wallpaper, mix the mixture thoroughly.
 Drawing a liquid wallpaper
Applying a mixture is better starting from the corners . First, the plastic (or foam) finish is performed inside and outside corners, then the mixture is applied to the rest of the area. Dostochka keeps at an angle of 10-15 degrees. The thickness of the applied layer should not exceed 1-2 millimeters.
 Starting a mixture from corners
 applied to the rest of the area
 The Dot is held at an angle of 1015 degrees
 Carefully on the whole surface
The drying time of surfaces is 24-48 hours depending on the temperature in the room. Temperatures above 25 degrees and the presence of drafts greatly accelerates the process of drying walls and ceilings. drying of surfaces
even liquid wallpaper Liquid Wallpaper

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