Live Ken terrified face after chemical peeling

“This procedure was quite painful, my face was very red and I was all burning,” said Alves himself. - Because of the light on TV studios and makeup, my skin looks coarse, but these procedures will make my skin younger. I will never stoop to wrinkles on my face. Some people think that a man should just play sports and be muscular. But I think men should look after the face. ”

We asked the beautician how justified such a procedure.

“Any peeling is, in fact, removing the top layer of skin,” saidCosmetologist Yulia Bodrova.- And the middle and deep chemical peels traumatize the skin most of all. They are potent acids and literally remove the top layer of skin. For example, the same laser peel is more abrasive. A chemical, I categorically do not recommend to hold, if you have sensitive skin, there are allergic reactions or skin diseases.To him there are many contraindications. But, of course, in terms of effectiveness, deep peeling has no equal - the skin is completely renewed. True, you can’t grab it right away. The recovery period can take up to a month. In this case, you can not appear in the sun (and indeed it is worth going out on the street as rarely as possible). It is necessary to use special creams, but decorative cosmetics should be abandoned.

Apparently, his cosmetologist Rodrigo Alves did not mention these contraindications. Or the man decided that it was not necessary to obey him. By the way, the next - the anniversary, the sixtieth - operation according to the plans of the Brazilian Ken will be the removal of the ribs. He planned to get rid of six ribs at once, but the doctors did not dare to carry out this procedure, fearing for the lungs of the young man. But Rodrigo firmly decided next year to improve his appearance even more and, in his own words, “look like a fashion model by summer”.

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