Liver Cleansing: Everything You Need to Know

The human body is a complex and multifunctional system that consists of a large number of small mechanisms that must work well and harmoniously so that the state of health remains comfortable and balanced.

But, unfortunately, the wrong way of life, harmful food and foods, stress, and age lead to wear of individual parts, and, in scientific terms, organs that are not replaced, like in a car or other device.

Cleansing - the path to health

That is why it is so important to try to maintain the performance and health of those organs that were given to us at birth.

By the way, the liver is one of the very important and complex parts of the human body, whose health problems need to be treated with special attention and care.

All those who did not miss biology classes at school know perfectly well that the liver is a kind of filter of our body, which tirelessly struggles with a lot of toxins and other harmful substances that are transmitted to it along with blood.

It is there that they linger, and then along with the bile, which, by the way, also synthesizes the liver, is removed from the body. But the wrong way of life, alcohol and a large amount of unhealthy food reduces the performance of the liver, they simply cease to cope with all that we send to our stomach, and as a result - a strong slagging of the whole organism.

If the definition itself doesn’t say anything to you, then it’s probably easier to list the consequences that such a situation might lead to: overweight problems, frequent constipation, and persistent stomach problems.

This also includes a metabolic disorder, and from it follows - cellulite, blackheads and red spots in the temples, frequent bitterness in the mouth and heaviness in the stomach, recurrent pain in the stomach and discomfort in the knee joints.

If you clearly feel at least a small part of these symptoms, then you need to safely take up the purification of your own liver, because it gives you all sorts of signs about your illness.

But the main thing to remember, cleansing the liver is a serious and in some cases dangerous process; you can only do it if you have thoroughly consulted a specialist and have undergone all the necessary examinations.

Why is it dangerous? After all, it seems that this, on the contrary, should be useful? The fact is that the procedure itself involves cleansing the ducts of the gallbladder, which helps to improve the flow of bile and the work of the bladder itself.

If stones or even sand are found in it, then such methods of purification are contraindicated, because during the procedure these stones can move from their place and thus block the bile ducts.

Such actions simply complicate the work of the entire system, lead to even greater health problems, and in the worst case, may lead to urgent operations and all the consequences after them. So it's up to you to decide whether to resort to such methods of traditional medicine without consulting an experienced specialist.

How to clean the liver at home?

The first and most important thing to do is, of course, to adjust your diet, because it is from him, in many ways, depends on the health of your body as a whole and the liver individually.

If you decide to seriously take up health, then you have to eliminate heavy alcohol, and easy to reduce to the very minimum. In addition, all fat, fried, spicy, in a word, harmful food is excluded.

Nutrition plays an important role

The most useful products that will bring your liver only joy are all vegetables of orange color, for example, tomatoes, carrots or bell peppers. Pumpkin is very useful, not only with its pulp, but also with seeds, and you can also make very tasty and nutritious dishes from it.

Indispensable fruits for our natural "filter" are apples, which contain a large number of pectins. Do not forget about the usefulness of beets, sea kale and dried fruits, they will become the best assistants in this matter.

In the diet of healthy food must necessarily come across phosphorus-containing foods, for example, fish, as well as proteins - cheese, boiled or baked chicken.

By the way, do not be afraid to use spices, not only do they noticeably improve the taste of dishes, but also contribute to an increase in the outflow of bile. The most important thing is not to forget that proper nutrition is a direct way to a healthy liver, and hence to well-being and flowering appearance.

Olive oil and lemon juice

In more complex and neglected cases of one proper nutrition it may not be enough, it means that the liver needs to act in a complex,performing some specific procedures, such as cleansing with lemon juice and olive oil.

Proceed to such procedures should be carefully, pre-clean the intestines, minimize fat and heavy food, eliminate the use of any alcohol for 30-40 days.

To start, heat 300 g of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil. Then we put on the bed and under the right side, where the liver is, we place a warm heating pad.

Immediately you need to drink 3 tablespoons of juice and 1 tablespoon of juice, this liquid intake should be repeated every 15 minutes until the olive oil runs out. After that, drink the remaining juice and stay in bed with a heating pad at your side, it would be better to sleep at all.

This is a very healthy fruit.

Most likely, the next morning, if you did the procedure at night, you will feel a laxative effect, do not panic, it's absolutely normal. If you want to enhance the effect of the procedure, you can also do an enema. It is better to spare your stomach on this day, and to solder it with infusions of rose hips, sage or nettle. You can repeat this therapy in a total of about 5-6 times with an interval of 10 days.

Who does not like this way, cleansing the liver, can resort to any other, and, as you know, quite a lot of them: special preparations, products, folk remedies or herbs. The last option is more gentle and gentle, any person will be able to cope with them, although it is necessary to remember that the effect of taking herbs exists, but it takes a long time to manifest, so you have to be patient.

Cleansing the liver with a decoction of herbs

For him you will need such herbs: knotweed, corn silk, horsetail, calendula flowers. We mix them in equal quantities, then pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture with 2 cups boiling water, cook for 2 minutes and infuse for about 40 minutes.

It is necessary to accept fresh infusion in half an hour after food intake for three weeks. Another way - cleansing the liver with oats, for this, 300 g of oats is poured with three liters of water and sent to the oven at a temperature of 150 ° for 120 minutes. After the time has elapsed, filter the infusion, pour it into a convenient container and take 150 ml per day before meals. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.

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