Throat lozenges

With the arrival of winter, it is time for colds and flu! And most often the throat starts to hurt. Of course there are many different drugs like Strepsils, etc. But since all these medications are quite expensive, I want to offer you a more budget, completely natural, home option. This recipe is so simple and effective that everyone can cook it! For the preparation of medicinal candies we need:
  • Aira Root (sold in a pharmacy).
  • Sugar.
  • Mint.
  • Karkade.
  • Ginger (optional).

Making your own candy from the throat

The first thing you need to pour a little boiled water in any metal box.
Lollipops from the throat
Then we pour the root of the Ayr, Mata and Karakde. The number of ingredients varies from how many of the candy you want to get! I took literally just a pinch.
Lollipops from the Throat
Lollipops from the throat
Now put it all on the fire and cook for 10 minutes.Watch the size of the fire, because all of our liquid is very actively boiling and boils very strongly.
Candies from the throat
When everything is ready, we filter our mixture through a sieve in order to separate the liquid from the leaves of mint and calamus.
Lollipops from the throat
And finally, we start preparing the lollipops themselves. We take a metal plate and pour sugar into it and pour the broth in the ratio of 1 to 3, that is, on one spoonful of broth three tablespoons of sugar. And cook everything until the formation of syrup! I did it in 1.5 minutes.

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