Longoria, Spears, Shakira and other stars with short legs

For example, the sultry beauties Shakira, Niki Minaj, Eva Longoria, Cristina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano and �Mother of Dragons� actress Emilia Clarke fit to open her own club �Up to 157 cm and no higher�. That is the growth of these beautiful girls. However, it will not affect the personal life of the ladies. Eva Longoria, in a happy anticipation of motherhood, and her millionaire husband, José Antonio Baston, are ready to carry their favorite miniature spouse in their arms. Shakira has been happy for several years in the arms of one of the most beautiful footballers Gerard Piqué - the couple brings up two sons Milan and Sasha. Niki Minaj is proud of another outstanding part of the body - namely, the fifth point - and will give odds to Kim Kardashian herself. And Emilia Clark was completely recognized as the most beautiful woman on the planet. As they say, small and distant!

Surprisingly, the actress Olivia Wilde, with her height of 171 cm, also has unfashionable legs. Fans have long noticed that in mini-dresses, the actress does not look so advantageous than in elegant trouser suits.

Britney Spears has often been called the most tastelessly dressed star, and, looking at her fashionable exits, we agree with regret. In addition, in the past year, the singer has seriously taken a great interest in sports, and now Britney's legs look extremely �hard� with her height of 163 cm.

Look at the gallery of short-burned stars!

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