Look at both: what the shape of the eyes can tell about a person

The eyes are not for nothing called the mirror of the soul - they reflect our mood, intentions and even character. Moreover, the value are not only their color or expression, but also form. In more detail that it is possible to learn about the person by his eyes, physiognomist Elena Miff tells.

Large almond eyes

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Large eyes of beautiful shape speak of intelligence, sincerity and artistry of nature. If at the same time they are convex, it is safe to say that you are a smart, resourceful and witty person.

However, the owners of such eyes are often characterized by temper, decisiveness and straightness. They absolutely do not know how to hide their feelings, which often leads to conflicts and quarrels.

Half closed eyes

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If you have met a person whose upper eyelid is slightly lowered and covers part of the iris, you should know: you have an insightful, secretive and self-sufficient person.She does not need the approval of others, because they know the price.

Such people are individualists who have a clear position on any issue and with great difficulty change their opinion about something. They are resourceful, decisive and always find a way out of difficult situations.

Rectangular eyes

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Slightly angular, slightly slanted, rectangular eyes look very much like tiger eyes. Their owners also have many features inherent in these animals: they are patient, cautious, persevering, independent, have bright leadership qualities and a great sense of purpose.

Entrepreneurialism and integrity help them to achieve great success in life.

Narrow oblong eyes

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Owners of such eyes are characterized by cunning, an extraordinary mind, insight and agility. They are rather resourceful and resourceful, which allows them to successfully implement any goals.

Such people are distinguished by enormous vital energy, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations and to maintain a positive attitude both in themselves and in those around them.

Expressive eyes with large pupils

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The calm and resolute gaze of such eyes speaks of perseverance, patience and loyalty. Their owners are able to persistently go to the goal, but never agree to do something that is contrary to their moral principles. They are reliable, always ready to help.

All their actions are subject to the strictest logic, so such people often achieve success in research and medicine.

�Triangular eyes

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The main feature of the owner of such eyes is diplomacy. He does not tolerate quarrels and conflicts, therefore he tries to settle any misunderstanding by peaceful means. To maintain inner harmony, he needs to spend a lot of time alone. However, he likes to keep abreast of events, so he never shuns society.

A direct open look in the eyes of the interlocutor will allow you not only to establish contact, but also give you the opportunity to understand, without further ado, who is in front of you. Do not neglect this information, because it will immediately tell you whether your relationship has a perspective.

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