Low-King King Ariel Pink will sing in New Holland

American singer is bringing his new album.

Ariel Marcus Rosenberg - singer from Los Angeles, performing under the stage name Ariel Pink. He sings songs in the style of indie, low-fi, free folk.

Pink is producing and performing almost all his works himself. To record the percussion instruments uses its own mouth, sometimes armpits. Pink is an adherent of home sound recording far from studio standards.

Ariel began writing lyrics at the age of ten, and by 1996 he had already recorded about 500 songs. Now he has 11 albums, with the last of which (Dedicated to Bobby Jameson) the artist will perform in St. Petersburg on the main stage of New Holland.

- This is the third visit of the artist to Russia, before that he performed at Strelka Sound festivals - 2011, Stereoleto-2013 and Picnic „Posters - 2013” ​​as part of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Now the musician is going with a solo project to present his new album, - the organizers of the concert said.

When:August 22

Where:New Holland main stage.

Startat 20:00.

Ticket priceA: from 1000 rubles.Tickets can be purchased at the Island Info Center or on the website.www.newhollandsp.ru/tickets.

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