Luxurious interior in black

Psychologists say that black oppresses and causes stress. Many believe that this color scheme in the interior narrows the space, and makes it "overcast" notes. But today we decided to destroy stereotypes, and to prove that with the right combinations, this dark tint can become a "trick" of your home.

Gloom vs trend

If we discard the negative, then black can easily be associated with night, mystery, even sexuality and mystery. It is uniquely associated with the concept of strict elegance, style and power.

Still not sure that a room decorated in this color will be gloomy? The same psychologists say that such experiments can be allowed only by self-confident people with extraordinary thinking and world view. Do you rank yourself among them? Great, then why not try.

The main advantage of black in design lies in the fact that it can act simultaneously as an independent solution for the entire room (in this case, you can resort to using different shades), as well as an excellent basis for brighter interior details.

The fashion for its use began with accessories for the house. At one time, the French began to actively "promote" black vases of crystal. After the idea, the Italians also used it, offering the consumer the same color of the chandelier.

And, if not strange, these things so quickly gained popularity that the designers became bolder, and after a while, they decorated the apartment and the house with a dark shade.

Living room

Without a doubt, this is the center of any home, and in this case dark colors will become a definite symbol of the struggle against prejudice. In addition, it is an excellent base for many styles - art deco, minimalism, classic and even ethnic variation.

If you want to emphasize the beauty and originality of the furniture, make the walls black. It is not necessary to completely surround yourself with such a color scheme; only that half will be enough where there are light cabinets, a table or other interior items.

For those who are afraid of radical solutions, designers suggest starting with the dark sex. The matte tile in the house or the chic laminate of wenge tone or the dark oak will make the interior more respectable by adding a touch of nobility, as seen in the photo.But it is worth noting that such a solution for the floor is suitable only for those who are accustomed to monitor cleanliness, because on the floor every mote will be visible.

Another rule of using "mystical tone" - do not overdo it with accessories. Remember that the color scheme itself is an object of increased attention, and therefore an excessive amount of small things can make the interior tasteless.


Many do not attach much importance to this part of the apartment, considering it the least functional. But after coming home or meeting guests, we begin our "procession" and get acquainted with the house with it.

If the size of the room does not allow to embody all your bold ideas, then you can do the main "chip" - a black wardrobe. Against the background of light walls, it will become a kind of "black square", which will give the hall a respectability.

If the layout of the apartment is such that the corridor is narrow and the ceilings are high, then a dark suspended ceiling will help to balance the space. Well, if it is glossy. This canvas has excellent reflective abilities, and creates the impression of a cozy depth, and not a lost height.


You should not assume that by choosing the interior in a dark color scheme for your bedroom, you will automatically turn it into a kind of gothic-mystical bedchamber. Such a solution will create a calm atmosphere, which is just necessary for sleep and rest.

Deciding to make a bedroom in black color, you should also carefully consider the choice of companion shades, since not all of them create pairs that are pleasant for perception. The most suitable will be white, gold, beige, blue.

Active colors - red and orange, can only be used as small accents, so as not to turn the pleasant atmosphere of the bedroom into an aggressive one.

Do not forget about the furniture. Win-win option - white or black. Last, so as not to get lost on the background of dark walls, preferably in a glossy design.


The bathroom executed in similar scale will become the embodiment of severity and nobility. But it will look really gorgeous in dark color only if it has rather large sizes. Otherwise it is worth resorting to a combination.

It is also worth remembering about a sufficient number of reflective elements - cranes, cabinet handles, mirrors, lamps. They will give brightness to the interior and remove unnecessary gloom.

Today black is a sign of classics and good taste. It can not be called inappropriate, because in almost any home there will be a place of honor for him. That is why you should not be afraid of dark shades, they will help to create a truly unique atmosphere.

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