Magnetic knife holder

I recently learned a very simple way to make a magnetic knife holder with my own hands. This handy device was not long enough in my kitchen, which my wife often reminded me of.
Do-it-yourself magnetic holder for knives
It turns out that such a holder can literally be assembled from what is available. The idea is this: make a thin frame of wooden slats, close one side with plastic, and paste over for the look with a decorative film. And inside, glue in any pieces of magnets from dynamic heads, hard drives, etc. I used a projection from IKEA in the same color as the color of the kitchen, and a stainless steel sheet from an old coffee machine. Magnets from old hard drives.
Do-it-yourself magnetic holder for knives
Magnets are glued to hot glue. You can also fill them with epoxy resin. If you have access to a milling machine, you can take a solid piece of wood, such as a bar.Cut a groove, insert magnets and decorate with varnish. It will look very stylish. But still it's better to use stainless steel, because the metal is thin and the magnetic force attracts the knife more. My magnetic holder is screwed with the usual bolts on the sides.
Magnetic knife holder with my own hands
My wife is now more satisfied than ever and enjoys my home-made pleasure. Such practical things, despite their small size, are very useful.

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