Main types of bolts and screws for furniture assembly

Furniture bolts and screws are used to create the most crucial collapsible joints of solid wood parts, laminated wood panels and chipboard with laminated surface. The most widespread in modern furniture production was a bolt with a square headrest and screws hemisphere with a collar.

Square head bolt

It is manufactured according to the German standard DIN 603, the analogue of which is the Russian GOST 7802-81. Distinctive features of this: an enlarged semicircular head, a square head, and a steel rod with incomplete or full thread. Thanks to the four-sided headrest, the fastener has a tight fit in the joint and does not spin when the nuts are screwed on it. The head has a smooth surface without a slot, which gives the bolt decorative and anti-vandal properties. The head only slightly protrudes above the front surface of the furniture, and the absence of sharp edges eliminates the chance to catch or scratch it.

Furniture bolts - Tough

According to the above standard, it is produced with a metric thread size M5 - M20, a length of 16 to 200 mm and a low accuracy class C. Brass alloy, aluminum, hard plastic, carbon steels of various strength classes can serve as materials for the manufacture of DIN 603 bolts (4.6 , 4.8, 8.8) and A2 and A4 stainless steels. Steel screws can be either uncoated or galvanized (white zinc, yellow zinc).

Furniture screw with press washer

Its production is regulated by DIN 967, which corresponds to the national standard GOST 11644. This furniture screw has a low semicircular head with a thin collar (pressed-in washer) and a metric thread along the entire length of the rod. The clamping surface of the head increased due to the collar does not deform the furniture plates at the fixing points. The screw has a cross-shaped view of the PH or PZ slot, but is most often equipped with a universal combined slot (straight + PZ). The connection can be made either with a nut or by screwing the screw into the blind threaded hole of the counterpart.

It is made of either galvanized carbon steel of strength class not lower than 4.8, or of A2 austenitic stainless steel with A2-70 tensile strength. Size range is limited to M3 - M8. The zinc coating is electroplated.

Furniture bolts and screws are most often used to fix the sidewalls of upholstered furniture when assembling beds and tables. Their heads can hide under the cushioning of upholstered furniture, and at visible fixing points, furniture makers use fasteners with a suitable coating color, for example, chrome-plated.

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