Making a new year musketeer costume

A musketeer is a brave warrior-aristocrat, so it is not surprising that even modern children dream of reincarnating as this hero. For a complete image, all the attributes of the musketeer costume are needed. Making such a costume is laborious, but it's worth it. At the children's matinee, the Musketeers' new year's costume will deserve close attention. Before we consider how to make a musketeer costume with your own hands, let's see what the children's musketeer costume consists of:

  • cape;
  • shirt;
  • breeches;
  • hat;
  • sword and belt.

We make a raincoat

We will need:

  • white fabric;
  • blue or blue fabric;
  • white lace braid;
  • silver or gold piping;
  • white ribbon (not too wide);
  • lightning.

Musketeer Costume Cloak Pattern

  1. It is necessary to remove the size of the suit. To do this, we take measurements from the child - shoulder width and distance from shoulder to mid-thigh.
  2. On the cardboard we draw a picture of two rectangles.The length of the horizontal lines of the first rectangle is the size of the width of the shoulders, the length of the vertical lines is double the size from the shoulder to the middle of the thigh. The sleeves of our costume is the second rectangle. We divide the sizes of the second figure in half in relation to the first rectangle and subtract 5 centimeters from each side.
  3. Cut the blue fabric from the cardboard.
  4. We cut the fabric around the edges with piping.
  5. Need to cut the neck. To do this, fold the fabric in half and measure the size under the cutout.
  6. Cut also process edging.
  7. In a raincoat sew lock zipper.
  8. Sew on sleeves.
  9. We take a white ribbon and sew crosses on the back and sleeves.
  10. Make a rectangle pattern of white fabric for the collar.
  11. Sew a collar on a sewing machine.
  12. We sheathe a white lace braid.
  13. The collar is sewn to the raincoat.

The New Year's costume of the Musketeer can not do without a shirt, also made by own hands.

  1. We select a white shirt with a wide collar.
  2. We sew sleeves with wide lace cuffs.
  3. From a white tape we sew crosses.

Of course, the New Year costumes of the Musketeer can not be without a hat. Especially to buy such a hat there is no need. Just find the old women's hat of any color with brim.Glue the feather and beautifully curled tape to it. A little need to bend the edges and the hat is ready.

And, of course, what D'Artagnan can do without a sword. We have already spoken about the need for all attributes, and the sword is one of the most important components. The basis for the handle is made of cardboard. It is necessary to make it volumetric and to draw with a dark cloth (the remaining blue fabric from the cloak will suit). Blade for the sword cut out of cardboard. It can be pasted with white paper or dyed with gouache. We put our blade into the handle and fix it with glue. You will have a beautiful, and, most importantly, a safe sword.

The musketeer's costume with his own hands will be complete, picking up also suitable trousers and shoes. Boots, of course, are best suited for a suit, but they are not very practical. Therefore, many people prefer to choose dark Czech. In this case, instead of trousers, you need to use the breeches, pre-sewing the elastic underneath. You can also sheathe the pant legs with lace braid.

Children's costume musketeer do it yourself! Your child will look great in it.

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