Many praise Dubai, they say, is a cool city. I think to go there, but I want to ask the impressions of those who have already been there.

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Answered on November 17, 2014 08:28
We are probably not lucky. We traveled in early September, and then I learned what was needed later. It was monstrously hot and humid. Crawled out into the street only in the evening, and the rest of the time was spent indoors, under the air conditioner. Bathe unpleasant, because the water is warm. It swim even disgusting. The city is modern, but I am not a fan of skyscrapers. Impressed by the scale, but no more. What struck me, in Dubai, the eastern atmosphere is combined with urban. It would seem that the difference is huge, but the contrast is not felt. If you do not think, you do not notice anything special.

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