Marry again? Ravshana Kurkova tried on a wedding dress

More recently, the actress hinted at future changes in life.

Actress Ravshana Kurkova once said that the stamp in her passport is not important for her. Say, we know, went. Ravshana was married twice. With the first spouse - photographer Semyon Kurkov - the actress lived for a very short time. The second husband was the actor Artem Tkachenko. But because of the tight tour schedule, the spouses rarely saw each other and after four years decided to divorce.

For a long time, Ravshan met with film producer Ilya Bachurin. But the actress refused to marry him. And soon their relationship faded away. And now, for two years now, Ravshan has been meeting with actor Stanislav Rumyantsev, who is ten years younger. With him, the actress met while working in the play "Black Russian".

Mar 14, 2017 at 4:44 am PDT

Last year it was reported that Ravshan and Stanislav were secretly married. But both of them keep silent about their new status, and even more so they don�t post wedding photos on the social network.

However, on the eve of Ravshan, she posted a video on which she walks in a wedding dress in a park. The actress was beautiful in a classic fluffy skirt and tight corset.

Photo: @rav_shana
Photo: @rav_shana
Photo: @rav_shana

It�s a pity that Ravshan�s wedding dress was tried on exclusively for filming. Now the actress is working on the film "For the first comer."

�How do you spend the day of the cinema?� - signed the video of Ravshan.

�Let�s write it down: married to a movie!� - the subscribers clearly noticed.

Ravshana admitted that this is already her seventh role of the bride in the movie. Fans hoped that soon they would see the real wedding of the actress.

Aug 27, 2018 at 7:42 pm PDT

Ravshana, who recently celebrated her 38th birthday, and she hopes for a change. She compared her life with a book.

�As for the genre. then I did not understand yet - whether it is an ironic melodrama with elements of fiction, or, after all, a comedy-adventure road story ... And something tells me that one of the most interesting stories and a strong plot turn awaits me. �

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