Metal and wooden beds in dorm rooms, which one is better?

Which of the beds - wooden or metal, the most practical, durable and convenient for rooms in the hostel?

Metal beds, even the most durable, made of welded mesh or with a frame on 4 or 7 rails, can not be compared with wooden. Let's see why.

Beds made of metal consist of backs, which are made of metal pipe with a diameter of 32 mm., their counterpart of chipboard is made of chipboard 16 mm thick. and 22 mm. If you compare the metal backs with wooden sidewalls and frame, then, of course, only the second option, solid backs made of wood, much stronger than metal tubes.

The frame of the metal beds is made of mesh: welded with different cross sections, rolling springs, on 4 and 7 rails, no matter how strong such a mesh is, over time, it stretches, sags, sometimes even tears.In wooden beds, the frame consists of thick-walled plywood, with a thickness of 20 mm. No matter how much you exploit them, absolutely nothing happens to them, or rather to the base of them. As it was straight and level, it remains so for many years.

Then the chipboard, it's still a wood stove, it is noble and pleasant to the touch, beds made of such material in the dormitory rooms look just great, especially in combination with cabinet furniture, when wardrobes, bedside tables, tables, from the same slab, harmonize with them. The metal variant creates a hospital look and some coldness in the dormitory rooms, wardrobes, bedside tables, dressers that stand next to metal beds are absolutely not compatible with them.

The only negative in wooden beds is that they can only be single-tier, if you have small rooms in a dormitory and you need to place as many workers as possible, then only 2-tier metal beds can save the situation. Although they are not very durable and resistant, some models generally stagger, especially the economy version, but there's nothing you can do, the fact that bunk beds save the situation with minimal space is a fact.

It is better to order wooden beds with PVC edge, it is much stronger than melamine. The second version of the edging material is cheaper and if the dormitory is allocated a little money, then with a melamine edge, the beds are perfect and will last a lot, you just need to know that with PVC is for many years, and with melamine for several years.

From all that was said above, we can conclude that wooden beds are much better than metal ones, in order to understand why, and according to what criteria we made this conclusion, we need to read this article.

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