Methods of development of preschool children from 3 to 7 years

Methods of development and education of children - what is the difference between them? What are their pros and cons? Which of them can suit you and your child?

The question of early development arises in many women who have become or will soon become a mother. Let's try to figure it out, because there are a lot of techniques.

early child development

early child development

In this topic, Vyacheslav Voskobovich and his educational games are worth mentioning. In many kindergartens they are practiced, that children perceive quite positively. All learning occurs during the game. Yes, and the cost of purchasing any additional materials are minimized. In addition, the game Voskobovich of varying degrees of complexity, that is, they have a wide age range. And, in principle, there are no minuses.

Not far away from training with the help of games and Nikolay Zaitsev.His method of teaching reading cubes with syllables is also known to many. Additional materials are also attached to the cubes, such as audio recordings and tables with letters. Everything in the heap gives the result and the child can read before school. The method is good, but also commercially thought out. To do this you need to buy everything you need, because the set of cubes itself has a lot of features.

The technique of Professor Mikhail Lazarev is able to develop the baby in the womb. It is during the period of the uterine period that the neurons most actively develop, and their number exceeds the number of neurons of an adult. This method is implemented using music.Melodies and songs developed by Lazarev himself have a positive effect on the development of the child. The most effective visit to various seminars and classes on this technique with the name "Sonatal", because it is difficult to independently assemble and competently combine all materials into practice. 3 already know how to read and consider what ordinary children begin to learn only in school.The whole miracle is that several times a day you show your child cards containing words and numbers. The child scans this all with a look, and after a while he knows all this. But not everything is so simple! Firstly, the child can not always sit watching the cards. Secondly, a mother should spend a lot of time preparing and updating cards. And finally, the technique is difficult to put into the usual rhythm of life and you have to adapt to it.

There is a different approach. It is demonstrated by the technique of Maria Montessori. If the previous method "programs" the child, then in this case the key concept is freedom. An adult should only direct the activities of the baby and provide all the necessary materials. Now Montessori-kindergartens are widespread where all the conditions have been created for the development of the individuality of your child, but if you wish, you can arrange such an atmosphere at home. It is worth noting that this technique does not provide for fairy tales and role-playing games (the same mothers and daughters), and this, according to some psychologists, is a significant shortcoming. This technique is also not suitable for hyperactive children.

The Nikitin family clearly demonstrates children who are in many ways ahead of their peers in development.The result is a successful school with an accelerated program, physical excellence in performing all sorts of exercises. On the other hand, the dislike and envy of peers, and some misunderstanding, and sometimes condemnation, of those around.

Eliminating fanaticism and the desire to make a child genius in any way, you will find a good layout and create your own method for your child.

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