Miniature Gift Box

Simple and tasteful. In the manufacture of natural materials used. Ideal for packing homemade cookies or a little surprise.
miniature gift box
We will need: - Whatman - Satin ribbon - Color paper - White gouache- Sponge - Unnecessary toothbrush - Stationery knife - Glue - Old DVD disc - Cones - Napkin to which you can lay a box from the inside - Scissors .
 We need
Let's get started. According to the pattern below, ertim scan the box and the lid. Note that the lid should be a couple of millimeters larger than the box itself.
 draw box unwrapping
We need a disk to draw rounds. You can, of course, use compasses, but this way is much easier and faster.
 drawing the box scan
Cutting out the box,as well as four squares of colored paper about 7.8 by 7.8 cm.
 cut out
Glue them onto the sides of the future box.
 glue squares
On a small piece of cardboard draw a snowflake. Just do not need to have it on the very edge - in the future it will create inconvenience.
 draw a snowflake
Cut out the silhouette of a snowflake with a knife.
 cut the snowflake
Now, with the help of the stencil, white gouache and sponge we decorate the box.
 decorating the box
 decorating the box
You can add a "snow" toothbrush. To do this, just dial the white gouache on a brush moistened with a drop of water and “spray” the paint. Next, cut the lid of the box, glue it together and put it all together. The box itself is not to be glued together, just put on the lid.  cut the cover of the box
With the help of the same sponge and white gouache we will decorate the cones.
 decorate the cones
We tie the box with a ribbon and fasten the cones on the lid. So small, but nice gift wrap is ready!
 Tying the box with ribbon and cones
miniature gift box
Happy Holidays to you!

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