Mink coat - quality guarantee

Many different models of mink fur attract the attention of women. Fur products are presented in the form of coats, waistcoats, coats, cropped fur coats and products, the length of the floor.

Fur coat, like other clothes, should be selected in accordance with the type of figure. On a slender tall woman, it will look nice to have a mink of any style. All the rest of the ladies will have to spend a lot of time to find "their" fur coat. They will need to visit more than one salon and try on more than a dozen fur products.

In each of the fitting clothes, it is recommended to stay at least three minutes. "It is impossible to miss" your "fur coat, because a woman will not want to take it off, and will enjoy admiring her image in the mirror.

The mink coat is distinguished by its high price and, by purchasing it from the store msknorka.ru, the woman expects a long product life. Mink, finished and sewn in accordance with the requirements of the process, is able to please its owner for 10 seasons.

It is possible to buy high-quality mink coats in the online store, if you choose a little research. The first thing to do is to hold the palm over the surface of the fur coat. The presence of hairs and fluffs on it testifies to violations in the manufacture of fur. Such a fur coat will quickly lose its fur and will resemble a Christmas tree on a spring day.

If the tested fur product is colored, then you need to make sure that the paint is durable. To do this, the white handkerchief is strongly pressed against the fur. Changing the color of the fabric indicates a poor-quality product.

Natural fur is also subject to inspection. It should not show any fading or rust. The high quality of the fur coat is indicated by a shiny, soft fur without bald patches. The presence of even minor irregularities on the surface of the fur product is regarded as a marriage.

If the fur coat successfully passed all the previous checks, then it was left for her to “pass the last exam” for quality. The corner of the fur is clamped in the hand, and then released. Proof of good dressing will be the rapid disappearance of traces of deformation on the surface of a fur coat.

The lining can also say a lot about the quality of the mink coat.In long models of fur coats, it is not sewn from below. The presence of such a violation indicates the forgery of a fur product. This is evidenced by uneven and poor-quality line.

Fake "mink" fur coats are most often sewn from groundhog or rabbit skins. The fur of these animals is softer and shorter than that of mink.

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