Molding on the entrance doors

In the past few years, metal doors have gained near-popular popularity. They became not just the defenders of our homes, but also their decoration. Modern designers are in constant search, they always open up new directions in the design of doors, and each of their discoveries literally turns our understanding of ordinary doors. One of these finds can be called molding on the door.

What is molding? Moldings have long been used to decorate ceilings and walls. If stucco moldings were used to decorate the walls, the moldings on the front doors are usually metal. These are narrow decorative stripes that visually break the plane into segments that differ in color from the surface to be decorated. Sometimes they are just an element of decoration, but in some cases they can also have practical functions.

One of the most practical applications for metal door moldings is the fastening of MDF panels. Besides the fact that MDF linings are fixed on the door panels, gluing or fastening with screws, you can do this with the help of moldings.This is done quite simply - a decorative panel is laid on the door leaf and the place for the layout of the moldings is marked. Then the moldings are cut to size and superimposed on top. After that you should drill them in several places through with the MDF-panel and metal sheet. The next step is to fasten them with screws or screws. The moldings tightly pressed the panel to the door leaf.

In addition to the main functional load moldings still bear the load and a purely aesthetic. They are mainly made of aluminum, and are usually gold or silver. If the moldings do not serve as fastening for the panel, but simply decorate the door, then they may not embrace the entire area of ​​the panel. In these cases, different patterns can be simply made from the moldings. The doors that are not overloaded with decoration, but decorated with two or three touches, look the most beautiful. Particularly impressive are the shiny moldings on the dark veneered panels. Here plays a role a mixture of classic and modern design. Futuristic classicism still does not go out of fashion.

If you want to embellish the door with your own hands, then you can purchase universal moldings for steel doors at any building materials store. Independently attach them in the form of any pattern can each.

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