Monkey Socks

In any family there is a bag or box where the mittens and socks that have lost their pair are kept. This fun hand-made article allows not only to sew a new favorite soft toy with your child, but also to unload your supplies. After all, you can sew a monkey from different socks, and this will make it even brighter and more interesting. I will show a master class on a new raw material. We will need: • two socks. Specially bought for this toy terry inside the stocking industry goods; • scissors; • threads, needle; • synthetic winterizer or other filler; • • thick rope 0.5 m; • • red yarn 10 cm; • ruler, chalk.
 hosiery products
Work order. 1. Scheduled on the toes of the cut line. One of them will be the torso, head and legs. We cut it in half lengthwise from gum to heel.
2. We put the second sock sideways and first of all we note and cut off the toe. He will become a monkey muzzle.Then, along the entire sock, we draw and cut off a long thin tail. The remaining boot from the elastic band to the heel is cut along and we get two blanks for the hands. Cut out two ears from the remaining foot from toe to heel.
 cut two ears
3. Now we need to sew all the details so that our monkey was terry, that is, on the front side. Stitching the legs, leave the unkempt ass. Through this hole you will turn out the product. Sewing paws and tail, leave the butt at the gum, and, while weaving the ears along the top and side, do not sew the bottom. 4. Turn out the details. At this stage of the operation, the most difficult operation is the twisting of the thin tail. Do not worry that the monkey turns out to be small. Knitwear is stretched, and after stuffing inside the filler, our monkey will turn into an orangutan.
 stuffing inside the filler
5. We stuff the insides of parts with filler. For the tail, you can use a regular rope or a thick twine. We put it on a big pin and, letting it through the tail, insert it,as previously inserted gum into the pants.
 pasted gum into panties
6. We sew up all the holes and sew the muzzle, turning the edges of the sock inside. It is better to tackle it at two points: above and below, and then to put a secret seam. So it is easier to withstand symmetry. If the proportions do not work out well, no big deal. We sew a monkey with its “grips and jumps”, not a Barbie doll.
 sew a monkey
7. Fasten the ears to the place, after a little pulling them off at the open edge.
 We put ears in place
8. We sew our hands, orienting ourselves on the location of the nose and at the same distance from the ears. We attach the tail.
Attach the tail
9. We make eyes. To do this, sew two black buttons. The mouth was made of red wool yarn, gently knitted thread in tone. So that our beauty finally gets a “human” look, we tie a bow of satin ribbon around her neck.
 monkey from socks
This charming hack was invented in the fortieslast century in the United States. At that time, the country was torn by an economic crisis. Sometimes it was impossible for parents to buy their children not only toys, but even the necessary food. And so loving mothers and grandmothers invented this monkey, sewing it out of old darned socks. Recently, a toy appeared in Russia. Either it has become a sign of a recession in the economy, or is it the Anti-Crisis Monkey. So, everything will be fine!
 monkey with socks

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