Morpho Butterfly

Butterfly Morpho
To make such a butterfly with ribbons, you will need: • Blue or blue satin ribbon 5 centimeters wide. • White satin ribbon colors 5 centimeters wide. • Glue gun. • • Two small beads. • • One large bead. • • Scissors. • • Fishing line. • • Candle. The first step in the creation of Morpho will be the manufacture of kanzashi petals, which we will later glue and form into wings. Cut 24 squares from It ribbon (5 × 5 cm). Carefully and gently shine the edges of the tape. Make sure that it does not catch fire, but only melted slightly.
squares from the tape
 fuse the edges
And fold them as shown in the photo below. First connect the corners of the square to form a triangle.
 connect the corners of the square
Then, add the same triangle two more times in half.You should have a classic kanzashi petal.
 classic kanzashi petal
 classic kanzashi petal
So that the petal does not fall apart, take it so that its edges are visible. Melt them and press them with your fingers. Excess fabric at the bottom cut and process with fire. Such lobes in the end need to do twenty-two pieces.
 process with fire
 process the petal with fire
do twenty-two pieces
classic kanzashi petal
When all the leaves are ready, you can begin to create a body. For this you need to make two two-color petals. Fold the blue ribbon in half as inthe previous version, then again in half. Also fold the white ribbon. Put it on top of the blue ribbon. Continue to work, as in the classic version. Petals make two two-color keystones
 blue ribbon in half
 then again in half
 fold white ribbon
 from above to the blue ribbon
Now we form the butterfly wings. Take the two blue petals and glue them together.  trim Between them, paste another petal.
We need six such trefoils — three for one side and three for the other.

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