Multifunctional bed with which it is difficult to get up

We found the perfect bed, which not only looks cool, but is also filled with brilliant design features so you never want to leave.

This modular bed has an infinite number of amenities. This multifunctional piece of furniture is equipped with both sockets and USB ports. And the presence of built-in speakers means that you can play music directly from your devices.

If you are still awake, just stretch out on the built-in massage chair and listen to your favorite tunes. And if you want to do a little work, a laptop table will easily appear next to you.

Besides the fact that it looks great and has a lot of technical capabilities, this unusual bed also has many places to store things.

Whether you raise the wooden frame of the bed to keep the pillows down, or hide the laundry in the built-in niche - you always have room for everything.Side shelves are an ideal corner for placing books to read in bed, and one of them even contains a safe for valuables.

Since the bed is modular, you can choose the components that suit your needs. It also comes with upholstery of various colors from fabrics. The cost of models varies from about 550 dollars to just over 1000 dollars - depending on the size of the selected mattress and options.

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