Natural herringbone appliqué

The Christmas tree made of natural material, created by the child with the help of adults, will become a real decoration of the holiday and a pride of the little designer. And in the process of making crafts your apartment will be filled with a unique pine aroma - after all, creative spruce sprigs will be used for creativity.

So, to get a beautiful applique from a real Christmas tree, you need to prepare in advance:

Application herringbone from natural material

Applique herringbone from natural material

  • a sheet of colored paper or cardboard (it is better to use one of the shades of blue);
  • a leaf of green and a small piece of yellow colored paper;
  • a few fir paws (you can replace them with sprigs of pine, fir, cedar or cypress — any coniferous tree;
  • colorful fluffy pompons;
  • images of New Year characters,cut from cards, magazines, colorings;
  • glue (PVA, polymer or clerical);
  • scissors;
  • a simple pencil.

On a green sheet, draw the outline of a Christmas tree, cut it out.

 Cut the contour of the Christmas tree

Cut the contour of the Christmas tree

On the yellow draw a star , we also cut it out of paper.

Glue the Christmas tree and the star to the background.

Carefully cut the fir-tree paw into small pieces. Glue these pieces to the paper Christmas tree, laying them in parallel rows. The branches will be fixed better if you use polymer glue.

 Glue the fir branches

Glue the fir branches

Glue paper star

Glue a paper star

Well, the twigs are glued - the base of the appliqué is done.

It only remains to decorate the tree with fluffy pom-poms, using them as ate full-time balls. Other decorations can be used instead of pompons — for example, tinsel pieces, streamers or confetti.You can sprinkle sprigs with artificial snow.

 Glue pompons and Santa Claus with presents

Glue pompoms and Santa Claus with gifts

Well, and when the Christmas tree is dressed up, it's time to come and Santa Claus with gifts. Glue their figures next to the tree.

The application is a Christmas tree made of natural material ready!

 Herringbone from natural material

Herringbone from natural material

Place it in the most prominent place, and throughout the Christmas holidays this picture will delight your eye and spread a pleasant coniferous scent around the room.

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