Natural stone in the construction of baths

Contrary to popular belief, stone is a wet and cold material, varieties of natural stones are many times superior in properties to other facing materials.

The most traditional sphere of use is the finishing of baths, bath furnaces, floors, electric stoves. You can purchase good ones at affordable prices. There are a number of bath stones, certified and approved. The fact is that in bathing conditions, the stone must have a high thermal conductivity and be resistant to temperature and heat.

It is worth mentioning here about jade. It not only meets the technological requirements, but also has healing properties, has a positive effect on the CAS, besides it has an unusual green tint and serves as a wonderful decorative element.

It should be noted that many of the bath stones are semi-precious. Each has special unique properties.For example, talking about talcochlorite can be said to be a natural battery. Due to its special ability to accumulate and retain heat, it is used for the production of warm floors in the Baltic region, as well as in traditional cuisine, where it is heated and used as a burner.

Any natural materials have a positive effect on health and calm the nervous system. The healing properties of jade are widely known. It heals the urogenital system and contributes to the overall regeneration of the body, that is, it prolongs youth and increases resistance to damage.

The features of white quartz are not only in retaining heat. This stone, when heated and cooled, produces oxygen, which contributes to the production of ozone, which is beneficial for the respiratory tract and skin.

It is impossible not to mention here the coil, which, for its numerous healing effects, is generally called the “apothecary stone.” Its use in baths can be equated to the sanatorium course of general health procedures.

The unique properties of crimson quartzite - a rare stone from Karelia - are combined with a bright and attractive appearance.It is an elegant decor element and a very durable finishing material.

For finishing the heaters, they use plain but hardy porphyry stones. It has a volcanic origin, it can be of different shades and very durable. They are veneered with most wood stoves for baths and electric heaters.

We need to mention gabbro diabase here. There are only three regions of this mineral in the world.

Natural stones are durable, practical and look rich. But most importantly, they help maintain health and longevity. The popularity of natural stones in the construction of baths is growing.

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