New Year's Kanzashi Snowflake

For the manufacture of openwork satin snowflakes you will need: • white satin 5 * 5 cm - 6 pcs., 2.5 x 2.5 cm - 18 pcs., Tape 0.5 x 15 cm - 1 pc., Circle with a diameter of 3 cm; • blue satin 5 * 5 cm - 6 pcs., 2.5x2.5 cm - 12 pcs; • white rhinestone - 1 flower; • glue Moment-crystal, scissors, ruler, lighter , thin tweezers. Preparing parts Satin ribbons are cut into squares 5x5 cm and 2.5x2.5 cm in the specified amount, the edges are melted using a lighter or a candle. You can use a soldering iron for cutting, then the edges will already be processed. After the preparation of parts, you can proceed to the formation of petals. Blue and white satin square fold twice diagonally. Then the blue triangle is superimposed on the white so that the tip of the white protrudes slightly. The two parts fold in half with a blue ribbon inside to form a petal with a sharp tip. The edge of the petal should be slightly cut and soldered with a lighter.The end of the petal is also trimmed and melted, while the edges do not stick together, a hole should remain. This is how 6 white-blue petals are harvested.
 New Year snowflake in Kansas technique
New Year's snowflake using kanzashi technique
 Christmas snowflake using kanzashi technique
New Year's snowflake in kanzashi technique
From parts 2.5 * 2.5, the same sharp petals are made, but only one tape is used. For the convenience of working with small parts you can use tweezers. The tip is melted without cutting, and the bottom is slightly trimmed. A small hole should also form a hole - the product is more delicate.
 Christmas snowflake using the kanzashi technique
Now you need to glue the rays of the snowflake: two white petals are glued together , two blue petals already joined are glued into them, then the top is glued in - a white petal.And so the other six rays. Large bicolor petals are formed into a flower, glued together in the center.
 Christmas snowflake using kanzashi technique
Build a snowflake To the bottom the flower is glued circle, cut from the ribbon - this is the base of the snowflake. It is fixed on a mug and a thin tape-loop, in order that a snowflake can be hung on a Christmas tree. Between the petals of the flower are glued the rays. The middle of a snowflake is decorated with a suitable paste.
 Christmas snowflake using the kanzashi technique
This frosty and bright snowflake is the result.
 New Year's snowflake using kanzashi technique

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