New Year's master class "Snowball"

You will need:
  • A glass jar of small capacity (for example, from baby food “Agusha”);
  • Small items for decorating a souvenir (kinder surprises, Christmas toys, key rings, cones, beads);
  • Vaseline oil or glycerin - 50 ml;
  • Plasticine;
  • Glue "Moment "(Any water-resistant);
  • Sequins and glitter of the colors that suit you (it is important that the sequins are light and small);
  • A small piece of foam;
  • Brush synthetic (size 3);
 New Year's master class Snowball
Manufacturing: 1) Wash the jar well, wipe off the sticker. Dry and dry, preferably even degrease - this can be done with a nail polish or alcohol remover; 2) Evenly apply the clay on the lid of the jar. It should be in the form of a slight elevation. Make sure that the clay did not go oncover thread - otherwise you will not be able to close the can;
 New Year's Master-class Snowball
3) Fill the jars with water and glycerin in a 1: 1 ratio. Mix thoroughly;
 New Year's Master-class Snowball
 New Year's Master Class Snowball
4) Crush polyfoam, you can mix it with white beads or sparkles;
 New Year's Master-class Snowball
5) Stick clay on plasticine to completely close its surface;
 New Year's Master Class Snowball
6) Fasten the figures you have chosen on the surface of the clay. Add some glue;
 New Year's master-class Snowball
7) Smear the jars with glue with a brush; 8) Gently place the figures in a jar and close the lid tightly. Smear the joints with glue. Do not turn!
 New Year's master-class Snowball
9) After complete drying (2-3 hours), you can turn the souvenir cover down.

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