Nice things from your favorite people: how to organize storage

Storage system

Favorite doll grown daughter, grandmother's statues, children's crafts, souvenir, brought by a friend from a business trip and other cute little things conveniently stored in glass cabinets, windows. They reliably protect souvenirs from dust. It is important that direct sunlight does not fall on the wardrobe, which contributes to the fading of things.
Small things can be folded into mini-chests of wood or plastic. This is an ideal place to store stones, shells, jewelry, coins. A chest of drawers can be placed in a visible place or removed - for example, in a wardrobe. Larger things put in large boxes and store on the mezzanine. Flat boxes can be placed under the beds.Removing things, take care of their safety. Put clothes or textiles with moth balls or lavender sachets.
Photos, children's drawings, small embroidery can be arranged in albums.Master the art of scrapbooking - it is very exciting. You can attach not only photographs or postcards to dense album pages, but also other memorabilia — for example, a shred of mother’s dress or dried flowers, a movie ticket, or an autograph program.
A variety of posters, large embroidery or frameless pictures can be conveniently stored in rolled tubes. So they will take very little space, will not be washed or covered with dust. Store tubes in entresol, under beds or in wardrobes. Smaller papers can be decomposed into plastic files and pinned into folders.From time to time, sort through things to make sure that they are not spoiled. For storage, choose dry places protected from the sun and high temperatures.

Gifts in the interior

Presents donated by relatives do not have to be removed to distant boxes - put them in prominent places. It will be a pleasure not only to you, but also to donors who come to visit. To souvenirs and gifts fit perfectly into the interior, follow some rules.
Compile gizmos in style. For example, things in the spirit of country music - painted plates, embroidered napkins, baskets, dolls in national costumes and bouquets of dried flowers look great together.But the African mask or children's slipper in this set will not fit. Everything that is not suitable for the style, fold in large cardboard or plastic boxes, shifting rags or crumpled paper. Remove the boxes on the mezzanine. After a month or two, the exposition can be changed by collecting, for example, things in vintage style - old photos in frames, antique books or albums, postcards, porcelain figurines. Seasonal compositions also look very nice - for example, Christmas or summer, reminiscent of a vacation.

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