Oil Heater Repair

Oil radiators are effective equipment for space heating.
 Oil heater repair
Unlike heaters that heat while plugged in, oil radiators give off heat for a long time after shutting down. Cost they are much higher than others, so it makes sense in case of breakdown to try to repair the device before buying a new one. This article describes one of the failures of the oil radiator and the way repair of That's what the problem with the heater:. Everything works, the indicator lights up, step switch and adjustment of the temperature sensor is working, the sensor turns off but this is before the heat sink temperature reaches normal levels. The battery is barely warm at the maximum settings, and apparently nothing can be done.
 Repairing an oil heater
It immediately becomes clearthat without disassembling the device is not enough. First you need to find the screws that secure the casing. They can sometimes be hidden by the decorative details of the case. The first screw is hidden under the upper plastic plate with the inscription "do not cover". You need to pry it with a screwdriver from the side and take it to the side.
 Repairing an Oil Heater
 Repair the oil heater
Now the screw is clearly visible and it is possible to unscrew it .
Repair oil heater
This can be done either with a cross screw or with a straight screwdriver of suitable width.
 Repair oil heater
Next, remove the unit with the wheels from the control panel. To do this, turn the fireplace and unscrew the fastening "lamb".
 Repair of oil heater
 Repairing an oil heater
After turning the wheel unit to the side,remove it from the hook.
Repairing an Oil Heater
Now you can remove the spring of the mounting rim, and then the rim itself around the perimeter of the casing.
 Repairing the oil heater
Repair of oil heater
The easiest way to block the actions of this relay is to bend the bimetal plate stop plate. How to do this is shown in the photo. Do not make great efforts so that the screwdriver does not come off and does not damage the contacts. Now this stop just won't let the plate with the top contact go off. Don't worry that the heater will overheat. The switch of positions will help you to choose the right temperature, and the overheating sensor installed close to the case will protect the device - if that. Another such variant of improvement is that by bending the plate back, you can return everything as before - if it is needed.Assemble the oil heater back is not difficult.
 Repairing an oil heater
Everything is done as it was during disassembly, only in tnom order.
Repair of oil heater
That's all, successful repairs to you.

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