Orange Muffins

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
oranges2 pieces)Wheat flour (top grade)1 stackCorn flour1/2 stackOat flakes50 gramsBaking powder1 tbsp.1 pinchSugar80 gramsCheese curd125 gramsChicken eggs3 pieces)Vegetable oil60 milliliters
For decoration
Powdered sugar
  • Servings:

Baking with oranges - a classic confectionery genre. Woman's Day offers banal muffins to decorate with the use of oatmeal, corn flour and the energy of sunny citruses.


With oranges on a fine grater to remove the yellow layer of zest. Oranges cut into pieces, squeeze out the juice, filter the bones.

Sift both types of flour with baking powder.

Add flour with oatmeal or rolled oats, add salt and orange zest, mix.

Eggs, orange juice, sugar and curd cheese whip into a lush foam.

Mix the dry and wet ingredients thoroughly, pour in the grape seed oil and let the dough stand until the oatmeal swells.

Muffin baking dishes grease.Prepared dough is poured into two thirds. Bake the muffins in a preheated 220 degree oven for 25–30 minutes. Readiness to check for a dry torch.

Cool orange muffins cool, decorate with powdered sugar when serving.

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