Original invitation for the New Year

Original invitation for the New YearMeeting the New Year in the circle of relatives and friends, or a New Year corporate party requires special preparation. An invitation to the New Year is a mandatory attribute of the upcoming holiday. It creates a mood and demonstrates how important it is for the guest to become a participant in the New Year's celebration. If you are not going to invite your friends by phone, our article will tell you how to do this using cards, invitations made with your own hands especially for the New Year holidays.

The correct design of the invitation to the New Year

In the pre-holiday rush, it is important not to forget to send invitations for the New Year in advance so that guests can plan their time and spend an unforgettable evening with those who are sweet and dear to the heart. Of course, invitations to the New Year can be bought, ordered, and you can make one yourself. If you think that the last version is the most original one - do not hesitate and get down to business. Invitation to the New Year 2015 do it yourself hands must be unusual and beautiful.Being engaged in hand-made making invitations to the New Year's holiday, do not forget that it must comply with the rules and norms of etiquette. For guests to appreciate your work and attention, think carefully about how you will arrange the cards. For this you will need:

  • beautiful pictures;
  • photographic paper;
  • cardboard and colored paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • color printer.

Original invitation for the New Year
First print out your favorite picture or Christmas trees, bells or snowflakes symbolic for the New Year, cut them out and paste them on colored cardboard. The front of the invitation is ready. Another option - a beautiful picture (on the Internet, you can choose for every taste) is printed on photo paper and folded on the type of postcard. Non-standard invitations that have the shape of a snowflake, asterisk, a Christmas tree or a snowman look very original. If you wish, you can add a few additional elements (to tie a beautiful ribbon, use decoupage, collage or beadwork) and then you can write the text.Original invitation for the New Year

The text of the invitation to the New Year

Before you write an invitation to the New Year, you need to make guest lists.Inside the postcard should be the text of the invitation to the New Year, from which guests will know who and where to invite them. If you have the talent to write poetry, be sure to use it when making. It will be pleasant for your friends or colleagues to receive an invitation in a poetic form and this will set them up in the right way and lift your spirits. When the text is compiled, you can sign invitations that need to be prepared more than the planned guests, because in the process you can make a mistake. In the invitation to the New Year (make the text in advance) the following information should be indicated:

  • guest name;
  • the number of people on whom the invitation is valid;
  • Does the invitation extend to the children of your friends?
  • a place;
  • date;
  • time;
  • party theme;
  • dress code.

Original invitation for the New Year
In addition to the duty, traditional phrases, in an invitation to the New Year, try to write something else that will indicate your special location to this or that person and what is meant for her personally. It is better to inform guests about your plans 2-3 weeks before the New Year. If for some reason they cannot be at the party, they should warn about it.

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